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Why I shoot Film

Slow Life - The wait

When you have 36 or 10 (for my medium format 6x7) frames available you take your time before you decide to shoot.

The procedure when shooting film is something like this:

These constraints foster creativity, slow you down and help to empty your mind of any other thoughts.

Digital photography rewards trial and error whereas film rewards learning and understanding.

After the click you have to wait again to finish the roll and to develop the negatives, all that waiting makes you look at your work with more detachment and cognition.

Technology is wonderful, but using film cameras allows me to forget about chasing the latest and greatest equipment and focus on what really matters in making photographs: composition, atmosphere, and emotion.

Surprise - Curiosity

Yes, thats the second most important reason for me shooting film. I can not describe the feeling…

opening the film tank


All of my favorite great works by photography masters were taken on film and when shooting film I feel like I am experiencing photography the way it is supposed to be.


Multiple exposures, expired films, grain, dust, blur, vintage filters, light leaks, and other imperfections make the result unique and unpredictable.

…Endless possibilities!

double exposure

The analogue cameras

Each camera is different.

I have 6 cameras, all of different ages, styles, and formats. Each one, is different and unique. Each kind of film is also different. You have a world of choices. So analogue photography is never boring!

I Also like film cameras because:

In my opinion you have to love the camera you’re using (for personal work) or there is really no enjoyment in the process of taking photos.

Lastly, I do not want to invest a lot of money in equipment that will be obsolete in a very short time. Film cameras last for decades!

film cameras


Quality of negative/slide. Yes it is neither cheap nor easy procedure until you get a good result but sometimes its better than digital.

With a good medium format camera (600$) and a professional film you can achieve results way better.

I Also love:



I like the “do it yourself” approach. Loading the camera, pushing the film, developing and printing the rolls with my hands.

I love how I don’t have to sit in front of the computer for hours editing an image. It looks great right out of the camera.

The end

Film photography is pure and real, it requires patience, concentration and dedication.

And thats why it is the best way to train the eye and refine your technique.

With film photography there’s a fulfillment in me and a feeling like I’m doing something, creating something. I am a software engineer and I love my job for the same reason. I create things and I understand how things work.

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